The shoot will consist of three 2 - hour time slots with 8 lanes available in each time slot. You may reserve a lane and time slot using our online reservation system; located on our website. The event fee is $20 per lane which includes 2 - hours of range time for 2 shooters (additional shooter fee, does not apply). The fee is payable on our website when you make the reservation. The automatic website reservation system is our preferred  method of registration. However, you may come into the Bullet Trap, or call the front desk and they can reserve your lane.

At the range, time-slots start and end times must be strictly observed as not to cause any delays for the next shooters. The firing line will be at 100 yards. We will provide chairs, tables, shooting rests, target backers, and masking tape. ONLY paper targets are allowed. You must bring  your own paper targets, ammunition, eye protection and hearing protection. You may also bring your own shooting rests, sandbags, spotting scope, etc.  There will NOT be any items available for purchase or loan.

All guns must be unloaded and cased until on the firing line. We will have a RSO present at all times and ALL Bullet Trap Rules will be strictly enforced. As always safety is our primary concern. There will be NO restrictions on steel core or steel cased ammo for this rifle shoot.

We hope many of you will take the advantage of this opportunity to do some outdoor shooting that is unique to this area.

In the case of rain, and it is deemed necessary, the Bullet Trap will reschedule. Please include an accurate email  in your registration so we may contact you; be sure to check your email the day before the event. In the event you don't receive the email and you arrive at the range; and there is NO RSO present then there is NO shooting allowed. ABSOLUTELY, no shooting allowed unless on published range event date and RSO present.

**Please respect the property owner and realize this is not a public range; therefore only open to Bullet Trap Members**

As mentioned in the newsletter we will begin offering a variety of events over the summer months; in addition to a 200 yard day. We will also provide an opportunity for your deer hunters to sight in your slug guns as we get closer to deer season.


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