Bullet Trap Concealed Carry Class Info

We have been receiving many requests for info on our CC classes. I will outline our current schedule and the requirements for the Illinois CCW classes.
The new regulation requires 16 hours of class room instruction and live fire for qualification. We will divide these into two 8 hours classes. The first 8 hours will be referred to as Basic Pistol Safety Class (BPSC) and the second 8 hours will be referred to as Concealed Carry Class (CCC).
As most of you know you can qualify for the BPSC in several ways.
  1. DD 214 Military Card. ( 8 Hours )
  2. NRA Basic Pistol Class (8 Hours )
  3. Any combined 4 hr approved courses-see list below


Below is a list of training courses acceptable to satisfy the prior training requirements, consistent with Section 75( i) of the Act, and the appropriate credit to be applied for each. Any of these approved courses can be COMBINED to fulfill the BPSC requirements if approved by the Instructor. It is the responsibility of the instructor to verify successful completion of prior training and apply credit as listed. Once this credit is combined with additional training hours provided by the instructor, the approved ILCCF Instructor will certify the 16-hours were met. There is NO opt out for the CCC course requirement. Everyone must take the CCC course from a recognized ISP instructor.
ISP Approved Courses
Course Title Acceptable Credit
Illinois Hunter Safety Course 4 hours
Utah Concealed Carry 4 hours
Florida Concealed Carry 4 hours
Nevada Concealed Carry 4 hours
Missouri Concealed Carry 4 hours
Kentucky Concealed Carry 4 hours
Michigan Concealed Carry 4 hours
Chicago Firearms Safety Course 4 hours
NRA Basic Pistol 8 hours
NRA Personal Protection in the Home 8 hours
NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home 8 hours


Per the Act, Section 75.g. “Any remaining hours that the applicant completes must at least cover the classroom subject matter of paragraph (4) of subsection (b) of this Section, and the range qualification in subsection (c) of this Section.”


See our Class Calendar. Be careful to check dates and times as they may vary from week to week.


We now do all class range time during the first 2 hours of your ILCC class. We will shoot the BPSC first and the ILCC qualifying second. You need a handgun and 100 rounds of ammo fro the ILCC class. You do not need any equipment for the BPSC class. The BPSC class will utilize the SIRT guns with lasers for the initial training.
For those of you not taking our BPSC training(that opted out with other courses) please be aware that when you attend the CC class you will be expected to perform all of the shooting qualifications unaided and without help. You will shoot the range qualification the very first thing on class day. We will be looking for safe gun handling, knowing and following the 4 gun safety rules, ability to load and unload your firearm un-aided, a positive attitude and a 70% score on a B-27 target at 5, 7, and 10 yards. Anyone failing to meet the above standards will receive a refund for the class along with a recommendation for additional training. We realize some of you have never fired a handgun or it was a very long time ago. If that is the case with you please consider taking the BPSC first and save all of us the inconvenience. We want everyone to be successful on their first attempt. Granting the CCW completion certificate is at the discretion of your instructor as to whether you meet the standard. We take the qualification process very seriously here at the Bullet Trap and want everyone to leave confident and safe.
It is our intent to be a one stop shop for all of your training needs as well as guns, ammo, and accessories. We provide a clean, safe, environment along with 8 NRA approved instructors and well over 500 people trained already. We are one of the few places that can offer an indoor range so the weather has no impact on our training schedule. If you are looking for well trained instructors, a clean and bright environment, and a proven track record then come check us out at the Bullet Trap in Macon, IL. or visit our website at www.the-bullettrap.com for class schedules. We offer on-line class registration on our website. Please remember there is a $25 per person cancellation fee with 7 day or more notice and $50 per person with less than 7 days notice. Make absolutely sure you can attend before scheduling your class date.
Please call The Bullet Trap with any Questions!



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