The Bullet Trap first opened August 1, 2011. We have enjoyed a steady increase in members and now have over 1600 members shooting with us. We would like to thank you all for your patronage and support. We will continue to strive to provide the services, products, and training you have all come to expect.

The Bullet Trap was designed to provide the utmost in safety and comfort. The HVAC system is state of the art air handling system. We exchange all of the air on the range every 2 minutes using a purge system. We draw in fresh air from outside and discharge air is filtered through Heppa filters before being discharged. These two air systems have no interconnect or exchange of air. This guarantees you and your family clean, lead free air at all times. The retail side of the range, lounge, office, gun vault, classroom, and snack room are on a completely different HVAC system assuring no exchange of air with the range. All of this assures you of a healthy shooting experience without worry of lead issues.

The Rubber Berm back stop is designed by Action Target and chosen because of its unique ability to stop bullets without generating any lead dust. Many ranges you may go to use steel plates to stop the bullets. These bullets vaporize and/or disintegrate upon impact with the steel. This generates large quantities of lead dust that the ventilation system must remove. In addition some degree of a bullet ricochet exists if shooting at close range. We felt the Rubber Berm offered a better choice. There is 44,ooo pounds of granulated rubber piled 3 foot deep on our berm.  This will stop most bullets that one would use on an indoor range.

The steel plates in the ceiling baffle system and over the entire shooting booth area are 3/8” hardened steel. These are designed to prevent an accidental discharge into the ceiling or from a booth from penetrating our roof and escaping the range. Each shooting booth wall has 3/8” hardened steel plates in the side walls to prevent accidentally shooting your neighbor. We hope none of this is ever needed. However, it is necessary to provide you with the safest shooting environment available.

Our target retrievers are also state of the art. No hanging wires or bouncing targets. The retrievers are very robust and dependable.

The concrete block walls are filled with re-bar and cement. The wall behind the Rubber Berm is constructed the same. These walls will stop any caliber bullet we use on the range as well. You can rest assured you are shooting in the safest environment available from the industry.

The most important safety link available to us is YOU. We require everyone to view our safety video before shooting the first time. We have the Range Master give everyone a safety briefing prior to their first range experience. It is our intent with these programs to have everyone on the same page and behaving the same on the range in an effort to maximize safety. By following the 3 NRA Gun Safety rules and using a little common sense this will go a long way to maximize safety, OUR MOST IMPORTANT GOAL.

We are always open to comments or suggestion from our customers. Any way we can improve safety or your shooting enjoyment we are interested in. With your input we hope to continue improving and make this the best range in central Illinois.


The Bullet Trap, Inc. 





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